Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I'm a little late on this weeks photo diary...I did not take many photos last week but nonetheless I should find some time to post up. I have a lot on at the moment and I have been doing well. Excelling to the point that tutors cannot fault my efforts or recommend anything to further them. Great, but a little criticism or passion would help sometime. I want to be able to improve and create something amazing, I question if it can all be plain sailing (is that the correct phrase, I am awful at remembering them). Today I feel a little burnt out. I need a large ammount of sleep to function and I'm not sure if its the ammount of work I have been doing recently (although people work like this everyday of their lives, if not more and cope), missing my boyfriend that lives an ocean away or if I am coming down with something. Maybe it's a little of all these factors. I feel I need the motivation back as right now I feel like I am in a daze most of the time. My life is lived out through emails between eating and sleeping. And I am doing a lot of the latter (eating and sleeping) as it the only distraction that I know I have to do and that won't make me feel guilty. scrap that, I just ate a bag of popcorn for dinner, I feel a little guilty...What I need is motovation so I am going to write a list of what I want to achieve and why, as well as how I am going to try and achieve it. This is a list for me, and to benefit myself rather than my project.

At the beginning of this year I set myself the challenge of cutting meat/sugar on two different months (could not fathom both on the same!) and I managed to cut meat in January. It was difficult towards the end as mainly I think the urge of a banned food item made me want it more, a well as missing the saltiness that does not come from anything other than cured meat such as salami. It did however slim my bloated belly from the mountain of bread I consumed over Christmas and opened my eyes to new recipes and tastes. Cutting sugar has to be the most difficult resolution on the list. Everyone that has read it and knows me have laughed or looked worryingly after they discovered. My boyfriend is not entirely sure he wants to be around me when this month takes place...It's a sure thing to say that I have a sweet tooth. I always have, as well as a lack of self control. I cannot buy sweet snacks in my general shopping as if they are in the house I will consume a whole box/packet e.c.t very quickly. Although I have deliberately inhibited myself from getting my sweet fix this way, the problem is five minutes down the road is the high street brimming with opportunities and a corner shop open to 10pm every night. Recently I have been giving in to my cravings way to often, due to the stress levels (although I may just be using this as an excuse) and my low energy, plus sweet snacks or snacks in general are easy to pick up when too busy too cook. Although a month is a large space of time to give up, I know I will do it this year. Right now I am going to try a week without starting now to see how it goes. I have so much on my plate that I do not want to set an unachievable goal that might hinder my work or increase my stress levels but I also feel my health is important to provide myself with energy. I am going to start with this task and then set myself more to improve my well being. Wish me luck!