Thursday, 25 August 2011

Weekend in Pictures. Copenhagen. 21.08.11 Day 2!

More fish in a shop - I think they look nice in photos...obviously

Investigating more birthday cake options


22nd August

Like a child with cake - One happy face!


This is for Emily ♥ - Friends with you style

Ferry back to Oslo

The second day of our trip to Copenhagen was my 22nd birthday (on the 22nd August!). We spent the day shopping in boutiques of which the city is plentiful, rushing from store to store to find all the required birthday equipment - Cake + Candles + Something to light candles with, and then finally taking our supplies for a cake celebration at the Tivoli gardens (where most of these photos are taken - I went a little snap crazy). 

All Images - © Rebecca Hawkes 2011

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Weekend in Pictures. Copenhagen. 21.08.11

On the ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens - First sight from getting off the bus

Elephants across the city - I had two favourites

Quickly located bakery to start eyeing up contenders for birthday cake

Second favourite elephant

Pussy Galore's Flying Circus for lunch - What an amazing name! Food was great and this wall inside struck my interest

Architecture is beautiful everywhere!

Norwegian flag!

Hello birthday year!

This guy was amazing!

Tivoli ♥

This past weekend was my birthday and as a surprise Thomas suggested a trip. Totally unaware of where we would visit, we entered the center of Oslo passing the bus terminal, train station and then finally we arrived at the harbour to discover we would be visiting Copenhagen for the duration of two days! We watched the bumpy Norwegian coastline turn completely flat as we approached Denmark, arriving at 9am for day one. This post is very photo heavy and these are only images from day one! Day two we went to the stores (so many amazing Copenhagen boutiques around every corner) and ate birthday cake at the Tivoli. The Tivoli is the reason day two resulted in even more photographs! I loved it. 

All Images - © Rebecca Hawkes 2011

Week in Pictures. Oslo. 21.08.11

Free rose from Norwegian Labour party

Vintage shopping

Past three - Grünerløkka

Artichoke for lentil pasta


New book to read in the sun


All Images - © Rebecca Hawkes 2011