Sunday, 11 September 2011

Week in Pictures. 11.09.11

I want to shoot here!

Perfectly posing

Meet and Greet


I have come back to England for jury service, so for the past few weeks the photos have been far in between. Camera's aren't allowed in court = Small amount of photographic evidence! However staying with my parents in the English countryside I have spent the free time visiting the allotments and farm. I have also decided to experiment with film after discovering the rather wonderful We Are Wild, and have now found my fathers old 35mm camera. We will have to wait and see for the results. Fingers crossed!

All Images - © Rebecca Hawkes 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

Wedding Roadtrip

After an early morning start, first stop = Donut house!

Roadside Picnic

Where are we going?

I was astonished at the water colour and it kept changing as we moved

Snow in August!

Picture perfect opportunities

Previous to the earlier pictures I posted of Ragnhild and Kristian's wedding, Julie, Lars, Thomas and I took our road trip from Oslo to Stryn. We took in the adventure of using a camper van for the first time (a first camping trip for Julie whose eyes light up with delight after the purchase of doughnuts and news shoes), as well as taking in stunning views around every corner. I was transfixed by the colour of water in the fjords, from chalky turquoise right up to emerald green. So many more photos to come, as of course I went snap happy!

All Images - © Rebecca Hawkes 2011

Thursday, 8 September 2011

27th August

Eeeek! I am getting behind mainly as I have been sitting around...doing jury service. Being bored out of your mind and un-able to be productive is not a useful thing and so I have spent the past weeks doing little to nothing as the imaginary piles of photographs mount up. These photos for instance were taken a few weeks ago at a friends wedding in Stryn, Norway. You could not ask for a more picturesque place for a wedding. From each angle sits a watching mountain top, one or two peacefully holding on to it's winter's snow (otherwise known as a glacier), surrounding a traditional wooden church and our whole wedding party. And did we party?! From Norwegian drinking chants to 15 (15!) cakes washed down with baileys, a jolly time was had by all.

All Photos - © Rebecca Hawkes 2011

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Weekend in Pictures. Copenhagen. 21.08.11 Day 2!

More fish in a shop - I think they look nice in photos...obviously

Investigating more birthday cake options


22nd August

Like a child with cake - One happy face!


This is for Emily ♥ - Friends with you style

Ferry back to Oslo

The second day of our trip to Copenhagen was my 22nd birthday (on the 22nd August!). We spent the day shopping in boutiques of which the city is plentiful, rushing from store to store to find all the required birthday equipment - Cake + Candles + Something to light candles with, and then finally taking our supplies for a cake celebration at the Tivoli gardens (where most of these photos are taken - I went a little snap crazy). 

All Images - © Rebecca Hawkes 2011