Friday, 9 September 2011

Wedding Roadtrip

After an early morning start, first stop = Donut house!

Roadside Picnic

Where are we going?

I was astonished at the water colour and it kept changing as we moved

Snow in August!

Picture perfect opportunities

Previous to the earlier pictures I posted of Ragnhild and Kristian's wedding, Julie, Lars, Thomas and I took our road trip from Oslo to Stryn. We took in the adventure of using a camper van for the first time (a first camping trip for Julie whose eyes light up with delight after the purchase of doughnuts and news shoes), as well as taking in stunning views around every corner. I was transfixed by the colour of water in the fjords, from chalky turquoise right up to emerald green. So many more photos to come, as of course I went snap happy!

All Images - © Rebecca Hawkes 2011

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