Sunday, 31 July 2011

This week in Pictures 31.07.11

Top three images - Screen Shots from It's Nice That
All others - © Rebecca Hawkes for UCA Vintage Southbank 2011

Oh what a busy week it has been! From finishing off the editing and design for a vintage look book to layout over at Volt Cafe, and followed up by a weekend of vintage over at the Southbank Centre in London. It has all left me wanting to do nothing this Sunday but laze around either in bed or in the sun. Either is a good way to spend a Sunday. I have enjoyed all my jobs this week and am enjoying the freelance lifestyle. I wonder how long this will last and what will happen once I move to Oslo for the next month. I can only wait to find out on my next adventure!

I was also pleased to find that my magazine On Paper has been featured on It's Nice That blog with a stella write up. I'd love to continue the magazine but alas only time will tell...once again...

Oh and if you have razor sharp eye sight you may have spotted the side of my face on ITN News (Friday 29th) but I very much doubt it. My boyfriend missed it!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Eeeeek! Doppelganger that also takes photos. Found on a new clients blog so is this fate?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Photo's of the week

I have been shooting all week to a grand total of 3,000 photographs, yet unfortunately for you readers (and myself as I hate to not share) but I cannot unveil until they are published elsewhere. Boo! But in the meantime I thought I'd put up some work of a talented photographer I came across this week. I stumbled across Mila Wetzler's photos and fell in love with the freedom expressed in her travel photography and the stories they tell. Bellow is several of my favourite but by all means not all of them! You'll have to click this link to delight yourself further.

Shooting this week for Joanie's Junk Lookbook at Balham Bowls Club

Saturday, 16 July 2011


© All photographs copyright of Rebecca Hawkes

I have been in the kitchen this week. After all there isn't the most to do when you are staying with parents in the middle of nowhere. Getting high of sweet treats is the best way to bide the time away.

The first two images I took during a rainy afternoon in London (quintessentially English). To escape the rain I took comfort in Soho's Yumchaa. Yumchaa is a local tea shop specialising in many unusual and exotic loose teas as well as your english cup. I sat with my copy of Apartmento, a new discovery to me after reading so many positive reviews and can safely say that I love it's refreshing perspective and its first hand experience or inspiring interviews with fascinating contributors, and read while sipping a rich hot chocolate. Watching the world go by in Soho was not a bad way to spend the afternoon. It comes highly recommended.

The cookies were made on a Norwegian filled day. I am teaching myself Norwegian to go along with the possibility of a move to Oslo, so after collecting supermarket magazines around Christmas, I decided to translate a recipe. This was for Ginger biscuits. I cannot remember the Norwegian name...the lessons are going well.

Other: Cupcake = Jasmine. Tart = Pear. Muffins = Raspberry and Cardamom Crumble

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I think it is about time I got vocal again! These little mood boards are the current enchantments of my mind. I am longing for colour in there most vibrant and intoxicating tones, falling in love with Elin Nalin's effortless exploration of colour as if she took direct inspiration from a paint slicked canvas combining the most unlikely combinations as if straight from a tube. I'm also a little bit spurred on by this stylist/stylish female, due to her crop resembling my own yet on a brighter spectrum once again, in an almost white shade...something to take into considering at my upcoming hair appointment...Since turning my back on magenta in that 'grown out of Barbie' phase I am welcoming it back as my new favourite. It reminds me of childhood days at the same time as it shouts that it's overwhelmingly feminine and doesn't care who knows.