Saturday, 9 July 2011

I think it is about time I got vocal again! These little mood boards are the current enchantments of my mind. I am longing for colour in there most vibrant and intoxicating tones, falling in love with Elin Nalin's effortless exploration of colour as if she took direct inspiration from a paint slicked canvas combining the most unlikely combinations as if straight from a tube. I'm also a little bit spurred on by this stylist/stylish female, due to her crop resembling my own yet on a brighter spectrum once again, in an almost white shade...something to take into considering at my upcoming hair appointment...Since turning my back on magenta in that 'grown out of Barbie' phase I am welcoming it back as my new favourite. It reminds me of childhood days at the same time as it shouts that it's overwhelmingly feminine and doesn't care who knows.

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