Saturday, 16 July 2011


© All photographs copyright of Rebecca Hawkes

I have been in the kitchen this week. After all there isn't the most to do when you are staying with parents in the middle of nowhere. Getting high of sweet treats is the best way to bide the time away.

The first two images I took during a rainy afternoon in London (quintessentially English). To escape the rain I took comfort in Soho's Yumchaa. Yumchaa is a local tea shop specialising in many unusual and exotic loose teas as well as your english cup. I sat with my copy of Apartmento, a new discovery to me after reading so many positive reviews and can safely say that I love it's refreshing perspective and its first hand experience or inspiring interviews with fascinating contributors, and read while sipping a rich hot chocolate. Watching the world go by in Soho was not a bad way to spend the afternoon. It comes highly recommended.

The cookies were made on a Norwegian filled day. I am teaching myself Norwegian to go along with the possibility of a move to Oslo, so after collecting supermarket magazines around Christmas, I decided to translate a recipe. This was for Ginger biscuits. I cannot remember the Norwegian name...the lessons are going well.

Other: Cupcake = Jasmine. Tart = Pear. Muffins = Raspberry and Cardamom Crumble

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