Monday, 21 February 2011

Week in Pictures 21.2.11

Here I was just wanting to add a small picture from my phone for Sunday Monday Scrapbook and it turns out updating your phone takes a while longer than expected...In the meantime I shall conduct a lil' "grateful list" as inspired by the great Gala Darling.

  • Thomas' visit
Once again my lovely heartthrob of a boyfriend set down in London town for the weekend. We often do not get to spend time together as I am a full time student creating a full time magazine on my lonesome, plus I'm poor! So every month he makes the flight (sometime 'almost makes the flight') to stay for a few days. This time we got 3 days and 4 nights. We usually have many adventures however as I have been ill since giving blood on Tuesday we decided on a lazy weekend that felt a little luxurious nonetheless. This weekend included coffee dates, fake valentines day, christening presents, cupcakes, The Kings Speech, sushi, tulips, unabashedly starring at each other and a million 'I love you's! Yes aren't we sickly and I don't care one bit!

  • Giving Blood
Minus the illness post giving it was a really interesting experience. Between being looked after by great staff (I was on fainting patrol), a guzzling arm (was most weird) and a couple that had given blood 60 times (EACH!) in their lifetime, it was a very fascinating. I still can't get over the idea of my blood pumping through someone elses heart! Give me another 16 weeks and ill be back again.

  • Emails from a Cruise
My Grandie (or Grandma if you like) and Grandad have just set sail on a world-wide cruise. They are currently dodging cyclones in Australia! What brave adventurers! It was lovely to hear however that they are having the time of their lives. Cannot wait to hear the many stories I am sure are to come.

  • On Paper
Although my current project is pulling and pushing me through the works (not sure this is the phrase but I can imagine it as a good metaphor) I feel as though I am slowly making progress. Once I push myself to work on it I find that I actually really enjoy the creativity and freedom I am allowed. I really shouldn't fret about the marks as much as I do. 

  • Clear Out & Up
Gosh, I needed it! 3 bags to charity and 1 to recycling. However my room doesn't look a lot different...this could mean more clutter than initially realised... I figure I need to cut back and diminish my hoarding ways as in 5 months time I have no idea where I will be (could even be in another country!) 

I swear I can find constellations on his skin

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